44: Tom Bihn Synapse 19

So. I bought the Tom Bihn Synapse 19 – second hand of course. I’ve read quite a lot about the bags from the websites and reviews written by others.

I’ve heard it’s so good, the brand as well because they’re hand made by the Tom Bihn company at a factory in San Fransico, USA. I mean, yes, the prices are crazy. But the philosophy is priceless. You can also check out their history here. I’m obsessed with bags for many reasons. Firstly, I carry one with me everywhere I go; To work, away for a weekend, camping, adventures or simply food shopping. Therefore I have to have the right bag for every situation. Which brings me to the Tom Bihn, I’ve heard that basically it’s a magic bag,even though it’s only 19L, the way it’s designed allows you to carry more in it than you think. has 6 compartments. My old backpack only had 3, basically one main compartment with two outer pockets. I call these bucket bags because everything just sinks to the bottom and you have to root around to find everything. I hate the sight of saggy bags too. When I look around and peoples bags are sagging all over, almost dragging on the floor i think “get a good bag!” or “tighten the straps!”

There’s no sag in the Tom Bihn bag.


The first real test of the bag was my 16 day adventure in the Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2018. 16 days and 19L. It wasn’t a problem. I took a few things I shouldn’t have (coat, scarf, hat ) but I wasn’t to know the weather was going to be amazing the whole time. I didn’t want for anything, it didn’t feel like I had taken too much or too little. It made travelling around so easy and convenient.

IMG_20190301_120531I took the bag with me to Rome in 2019, you can check out a couple of my posts on that here and here. You can also see the that I’ve used it quite a lot and it probably needs a good wash. I still absolutely love the bag. I wrote the paragraphs above last year after I got back from the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and I’m writing this in March 2019.

The bag is just perfect for a day trip or a weekend trip. I have a little pocket home for everything that I carry with me on a daily basis. I’m a bag  obsessive as many people are; I’m definitely not alone in that.

Here I am at the top of York Cathedral.

Yes, occasionally my bag looks as above. Every pocket open and stuff hanging out. It’s usually because I’m faffing around sorting things out or moving things around.


Here we are in Amsterdam, almost all packed up and ready for the long journey home.

So, as you can see, I take this bag with me everywhere. For afternoon trips to three week long adventures and everything in between. I highly recommend it and it was well worth the effort to purchase.

Thanks for reading,


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