34: Summer Break

The wonderful weather has incited a desire to stray from the screen and into the world. I haven’t had as much, if any, time to blog or write in the last few months. The ideas still pop into my mind and I make notes – there is much I want to write about – but the motivation to sit indoors during these beautiful long summer nights is non-existent. Below is a selection of photos of some of the things I have been getting up to during this extended summer break.

enjoying sunsets whilst cycling

lounging wherever we can put up our hammocks

stopping to pick blackberries

organising evenings of sports where most people turn up on a bike!


nomming ice creams of course


Celebrating PRIDE

Reading reading reading

Playing frisbee until it’s too dark to see

Wearing yellow all day everyday

Finding place to catch our breath after a long ride


making epic sandwiches

living on my bike

sweating it out in a hot house

Taking a break by the weir


tapping into our inner child and playing silly games

friend time family time – its all the same to me




sharing meals


drinking beer after dark


I hope the weather continues for months and months and the rain never appears again. I love being outdoors, cycling, running, playing, swimming, hanging – whatever it is. I must admit that I do miss writing and there are some unfinished projects hanging around my mind – occasionally coming up for air and asking “when are you going to finish me?” but i push it down and say later, later! I’m having too much fun!


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