31: Tallinn, Estonia and all the beer

Our Baltic adventure seems so long ago now, I’e written about Latvia and Lithuania but poor Estonia has yet to have a chance at the spotlight so here we go.

Tallinn was by far the most touristy of the three capitals but aesthetically it was the most pleasing with medieval building adorning the old town, I think Tallinn old town was by far my favourite.   The above snap is of one of my favourite beers I tried whilst away. It’s a relatively new brew we were told. Its  brewed using real birch leaves,  like the ones that are used as whips in the sauna. I’m sure you’ll find it in Sainsburys soon.

We drank so much beer.

This is the centre of the old town, reminiscent of the open plazas in Spain and like a faded version of the colourful houses in Copenhagen.

We read a review of a supposedly awesome pancake house and boy were those reviews spot on. The pancakes looked incredible and tasted great. We got there at opening time because we had heard it gets busy and around 30 minutes later the queue was out the door.

So. Much. Beer.

A sweeet reminder from a carpark.

A glimpse at some of the buildings in the Old Town.

We got a little caught up in  a Russian Orthodox Sunday mass . We had decided to go inside to have a look when suddenly the place erupted into song and people came parading out led by the men in red cloaks and golden trimmings. We squished in with the crowd, out the doors and down the  steps then quietly ran away to watch from a distance as they walked around the tower stopping at each of the four walls to chant and throw water from a large metal brush. At the top in the three domes was a man ringing the bells.

Tallinn looks good on Ernie.

Taking a moment to chill out and probably eat sandwiches whilst I doodle and write.

Brewdog I was, I am disappointed in you, closed on a Sunday?!

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