30: Kaunas, Lithuania and the 30km bike ride

Our first night in Kaunas involved amazing contemporary Lithuanian cuisine – I swear we’re never too far from food! The restaurant was cosy, pretty cheap and super relaxed. They had a small menu (which I always see as a good sign!) and everything seemed to be local.

It looks kind of gross from Ernie’s birds eye photos but I can assure you everything was delicious. Ernie had some baked chicken and Pea mash i had veggie stuff courgettes with this delicious sauce.

We were’t quite stuffed and as the sun began to set we decided to take a long walk from one end of town to the other. The sky and atmosphere was just incredible. There’s no filter here!

After walking back to the hostel it was pretty late and we had a big adventure the following day!

The next morning we hired bikes from the hostel! We love bikes and hostels offering bikes for day hire is great (something all of them should consider). It was a bit cloudy and I worried for a second whether it would rain whilst we were cycling! Our destination was Pažaislis Monastery a Late Baroque church. We cycled out of the city, followed the Kauno Marios reservoir, passed through the dense, overgrown parks…

… spotted beaver dens. But no beavers!

Although it was flat I think we must have took the long route, I didn’t ask until we’d been cycling for about an hour. Not much further I hear.

Another hour of cycling passes. Granted I’m not the fastest peddler. It’s pleasant and the weather is holding up so I have (honestly) no complaints.

And here we have our first glimpse of the monastery.

I only got a few snaps of the outside.

They seemed to be pretty strict with you taking pictures (though I did see this one couple going snap happy with DSLRs inside!) so I refrained, instead basking in the beauty of the church and it’s Italian Baroque architecture, apparently the best in the country! The inside is adorned with frescos and marble, so classically reminiscent of many of the places we visited in Italy.

The church is surrounded by a huge lagoon and we sat beside it in a small restaurant for lunch. As I was pushing my bike up the small wooded path (come on – forgive me) something glinted in the corner of my eye, tucked away between some leaves and mud on the floor. A gold ring! I looked around, it was pretty dirty so who knows when it was lost, and I pocketed the thing. I felt like naughty Bilbo Baggins except I didn’t strangle anyone and I haven’t started involuntarily whispering precious any time I take a look. It’s on my keys now.

OK, so who cares if the bikes aren’t amazing quality and one of the thing-a-ma-jigs is duct taped on. We’ve been cycling, at this point, for nearly 25km, I need a beer.

More sculpture.

By the time we made it back to Kaunas I can safely and confidently say that I was pooped, I’d say Ernie was too but he would only deny it. I think we went for Mexican after this.

So there we have it. Our two days in Kaunas. Hope you enjoyed the read.

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