27: 50 pieces of flash fiction – Half way through the 100 day project


I am past the half way mark!

It’s Day 52. Only 48 more days to go!

I can’t say that this project has been easy but it has been rewarding. I wrote my 52nd piece today. My word count is over 14,000. There are more spelling mistakes than daisies in a meadow.

Some pieces are half finished. Some I don’t like at all, they were ideas that just didn’t work. Some pieces I would really like to develop, expand and probably (maybe) turn into short stories.

Am I learning anything? Don’t miss a day. They soon creep up on you and begin to weigh you down. What else? Plot it. Outline a rough plot so when you get up to make a cup of tea, half way through the piece, you know where you were headed. That seems to work for me anyway. Anything else? Not every idea makes a good story. A lot are good ideas, some make a good premise but not all are good stories.

There have been a lot of ideas though from a dodgy art dealer to a wizard going to a job interview to a girl undertaking a year of silence.

Even though I am, and I have been, enjoying the project I must admit that it has been a little distracting at times. I have had less time to focus on my bigger projects (novellas) but I do consider this training. Practice of writing in different styles and tones, different scenes and characters, tenses and settings. Like an artists sketch pad.

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Here’s to the next 48 days and the light at the end of the tunnel!

What’s coming up on the blog:

  • The Great Kemeri Bog, Latvia.
  • Tom Bihn Synapse 19 Review
  • Kaunas, Lithuania and the 30km bike ride
  • June Interview with an author!

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