Yes I apologise for the expletive but I felt it was the only appropriate descriptor that accurately captured the images that emerge from my attempts at drawing.

Fridays will be my time to share with the world the wonders that are my SH*TDOODLES. They are snapshots that represent moments or feelings, emotions or events, people or places that I have experienced. A curated glimpse into my life with a short description because you probably won’t be able to work out, firstly what the hell is happening and secondly what it’s supposed to be.

I started doodling whilst on an adventure in the Baltics just for fun really but then I began to really enjoy it and didn’t stop.

Be warned, for they are shit. But I bloody enjoy the process of drawing and if I can do it anyone can.

Two self portraits. The Before picture depicts me without sunglasses (well I did have a pair but they were really shit) the After picture is moments after donning a pair of polarised sunglasses and my life changing in an instant. I could actually see, in bright sun, without squinting! People, your eyes are delicate organs, get some good sunnies!



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