23: Everywhere Writing

On a coach on the way to Riga, Latvia.

On the airplane.

In the waiting lounge at the airport.

At Jimmy Jumps Hostel in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On the airplane.

I’ve been writing in some of the spare moments that I find myself in whilst I’m backpacking for a couple of weeks. On the plane, the coach, the hostels, in the parks. I find it nice to spend some time reflecting on what I’ve been up to during the days and use anything I’ve experienced as ideas for new stories or character traits/quirks. You’ll probably notice it in my 100 pieces of flash fiction. I do like to bend and twist these facts I learn about cities or old tales or pieces of trivia until they no longer resemble the original. It doesn’t always work. As they say “good artists copy, great artists steal.”

I’m also working on my graphic novel, I think you can see some hilariously poor drawings in the last photo. At the moment I’m just setting it all out and drafting up the overall structure. Maybe by the time I’ve finished I’ll be half alright at drawing?! I doubt it.

I’ll be back home in England soon, currently sat in a little cottage in Asari, Latvia waiting for E to finish packing before we head to the coach to go to Lithuania. It’s a four hour ride so plenty of time to write.

Coming up on the blog:
– interviews with authors/poets from around the world.
-an update on the 100 day project
-my time in Lithuania + Estonia


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