21: Seven Days in Images

For some reason this past week was filled with food. Homemade american pancakes, store bought bacon and maple syrup. Delicious.

I have been writing, albeit I had the weekend off because I looked after my brother.

More delicious food – handmade veggie bean burgers with guac and sweet chilli. Nom.

It’s now day 23. 23. 23. of the 100 day project. It feels like I’m writing a marathon. For some reason i thought it would zoom by but no. There are 77 days to go. 77 pieces of fiction to writer.

When I get stuck I always look to my writing buddy for some encouragement. She never fails.

The things I write are random it seems.

Some are inspired by actual events.

Some pop into my mind with no apparent origin.

Some are just experiments.

So. Much. Food. Wholewheat linguine with pea pesto and goats cheese with fresh basil. Again… NOM.

Finally. Bright skies. I can look up again.

Which means my street is full of colour and I love it.

It’s a pleasure to walk.

Don’t judge me. I thought it was beer. It was delicious none the less.

A favourite spot of my fine.

I treated myself to a graphic novel and now I’m addicted.

The artwork is magic.

So I picked up another.

And another.

Another week gone. I’m away from Saturday for two weeks on an adventure!

I’m moving my post day to Wednesday because posting on Tuesdays makes me feel funny. See you next Wednesday! 

I shall be posting from Vilnuis, Lithuania. Cannot wait.


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