20: Hayfield to Kinder Scout

Not a writing related blog post! Thought I would do something a little different this week – though I am still writing! Currently on day 17 of the 100 day project!

It’s going well – I think. I did miss a few days but made sure to catch up the following day. The only excuse I have is that it’s been so sunny that on a few days I’ve left my house to go to work, finished at five, headed straight to the beer garden, home for 11 and straight into bed. My mind giddy from the sun (and beer) that I forget momentarily about my 100 day commitment. Other than that I am definitely on track.

This past weekend I got out into the countryside again! Yay! This is the third walk of the year, the first one being Berwyn in Wales (6 miles but mostly a steep climb) the second being Youlgrave to Stanton Moor Peak (7.7 miles) and now  Hayfield to Kinder Scout (9 miles ish).

This walk was beautiful. Beautiful views, beautiful weather. We walked a fraction of the Pennine Way which was cool. It was my first adventure with my Tom Bihn bag, of course it did well. I packed really minimal – just a hat, scarf, jumper, water and some sun cream. The rest I left in the car as we were walking a circular route.I was pretty tired when we got back home again, I had no energy to write or do anything other than shower and watch Lost (ah, no spoilers I didn’t watch it when it first came out) until I fell asleep pretty early. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos below. Writing posts shall resume next Tuesday.

Checking if we are going the right direction with our little guide.

First proper adventure with the Tom Bihn bag

Such a beautiful view.

Some shimmering wildlife

I don’t know why but I love jumping over streams, or walking through them out in the countryside.

No walk would be complete without a beer! Apparently mountain zenith beers our now our thing.


Thanks for reading

See you next Tuesday!


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