17: Camping in Wales

Always writing but sometimes you have to get away from the desk. Here’s a shoddy map I drew, in the car on the way to Wales, for a WIP.

Our tents, tucked away behind some trees.

Enjoying the last light of the evening sun.

An angel gate.

Church bell.

Old bridges.

Afternoon motivation.

After a small ascent we realise that there’s a tough climb ahead.

A climb where I fell onto my butt or in some way so many times. The snow was so deep and I didn’t know whether my foot would hit solid ground or would push through to a foot deep. 

The four walkers at the top.


Glacial lakes.

Surrounded by snowy beauty.

Finally we begin our descent down to the lake and leave the snowy wilderness reluctantly behind.

I turn around and can hardly believe that there, in the distance, peaking out, is the summit we conquered. At this point, as I continue walking away and it recedes into the distance it feels as though the last few hours were a dream. Then my hips burn and my feet ache and I realise that it wasn’t.


A slow and foggy drive home.

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