15: Cathedral Moon

“Between 9-18 March 2018, an art installation of a 7m diameter model of the Moon by Luke Jerram is placed in the Cathedral, as part of a joint project led by the University of Leicester to mark British Science Week 2018. “

A moon hovering in the nave of a Cathedral; not something you see every day. I think it looks bloody beautiful. I was taken aback when I walked in. It’s an overwhelming visual delight and dominates the space. Your eyes continually seek it out as you manoeuvre around, drawn to it’s vast size.

A moon that man has walked on. A moon that reflects the sun’s light. An astronomical body that can be seen in the sky by every living person on earth. A moon who’s gravitational influence affects our oceans despite it being 384,402 km away. In some ways it’s a real clash of old ideas. A great provocation of Christianity were the astronomers – Galileo and Copernicus.

Copernicuspublished a formulated model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe” the Roman Inquisition said this was  “foolish and absurd in philosophy” and placed his book on the forbidden books list.

Galileo was also tried by the Inquisition in 1633. Galileo was found ‘”vehemently suspect of heresy'” and not only was he placed on house arrest for life but his book was also put on the forbidden books list.

Nevertheless I think it’s a fantastic installation and really worth a visit. I actually went twice, the first time with family then I decided to go back again a little later with my littlest brother.

Cathedral Moon

Stone arches,

craters within craters.

Wooden crosses,

shadowed rock.

Stationary moon,

orbiting people.



I honestly think it’s fantastic.

What else did I get up to? Well, I visited the States of Independence (an independent press day) on Saturday. I took my little brother along.

It had a range of book stalls including Jermy & Westerman, Five Leaves, Mother’s Milk as well as talks all day.

I ended up buying Animal Lovers by Rob Palk. A writer living in Leicester. I actually went to his talk but it was a little too adult for my ten year old brother’s ear and embarrasingly had to duck out about half way through. However, he was really funny, the book sounded great so I purchased that from Five Leaves.

Also I went to Leicester Beer Festival on Friday with the girls. Instead of it being in a Hindu community centre it was at the regenerated Hay Market Theatre. It looked really impressive when you walked in and the fairy lights look lovely. However sitting in rows was less sociable than everyone standing in groups, crammed into a room. It also had music and I’m not a fan of that. I prefer the buzzing din of drunken ramblers.


i’m almost sure Dali wouldn’t mind.

me and the girls drinking gin out of a can on the train there.

Not a lot of writing this weekend I must admit but I worked on poems in the moments after my siblings had gone to bed and my family were asleep or working.

All in all a busy weekend. Below is some graffiti… Leicester seems to be obsessed with it as it is everywhere and mostly football (Jamie Vardy ten feet high. I said to my brother as we passed it on our walk into town “is there really any need?” and he replied “when isn’t there a need for Jamie Vardy?” I laughed.) or rugby related so it was nice to see the murals adorning the centre of town.

Thanks for reading! Happy writing.


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