10: A Recipe for a Perfect Sunday – Writer’s Style

My Sunday was pretty perfect. I woke next to E and we decided after a relaxing lie in bed to do a mini food shop. Yay for Nom. We came home and made brunch whilst watching an absolutely brilliant Anime called Your Name. I highly recommend it, it’s so beautiful and funny and touching.

Lunch was beaten up avocado on ciabatta with salt, lime and cracked black pepper. I ate way too much but totally worth it.

I fancied joining the boys at their sunday afternoon trip to the pub. The cold hoppy undertones of a citrus IPA were calling my name (I actually ended up having a chocolate milk stout) I took my Mslexia magazine and buried myself in that. Occasionally coming up for air to join in with the jokes and observations. We stayed for a couple of hours before taking a slow amble home. I was quite eager as something creative was bubbling inside.

Once at home E and I diverged (meaning we got on with our own plans and left each other to it).

I immediately knew what I wanted to do.


I whacked the projector on and lit a few candles. Closed the curtain and turned on the lamp. I grabbed all my writing gear and threw a few blankets on the sofa. I had to have a cup of tea (this one – seriously buy it. Delish!) , desperately, and some chocolatey snack. Then I curled up and found a laid back film. One with lots of natural scenes and beauty. Then I proceeded – over the next three hours – to plan my entire novel.

My Entire Novel.

I barely came up for air. Page after page after page of planning and notes. Pushing my brain to think and connect plots and flesh out characters.

There is still so much to do but at least now I have my map. I have a compass and I know where I’m going.

Photos below are totally unrelated but awesome and inspiring.

It’s a single positively-charged strontium atom. Read about it here because it’s just incredible.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.


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