8: The Last Couple of Weeks

I can’t believe I forgot to post last Tuesday! Whoops. It’s actually a challenge to post once a week (I can’t believe, initially, I told myself I would post twice a week!). A new habit I to work into my weekly schedule . I have the next four or five planned out so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Anyway how has my life been these last two weeks ? (last time I posted was 23/01/2018 about my monthly writing group).

Well of course I’ve been writing. Most days I work on my novella or another idea that I’m developing – of course sometimes I cannot muster up even a whiff of energy and I lie horizontally with a cup of tea in front of a large screen. I have a course ( Women in Horror at Derby Quad) starting on Monday (yesterday) which I’m quite excited about. I’ll writer a separate post about that later .

I spent a few days up North. The two photos above are of a little place called South Shields in the North East of England. The sea was rough, the wind bitter, and the light was divine. Soft lilacs to the horizon and vibrant oranges and reds behind us. As we walked along the cliff edge the waves crashed into the rocks and sprayed us with a fine mist. In the first photo, to the right, you can see a little flock of birds all huddling together. We ate some delicious fish and chips and enjoyed the sunset before heading home.

My every day carry at the moment. Two notebooks for two separate novellas, my current read (Spaceman of Bohemia), pens, and my 2018 diary.

I had a long rummage in Five Leaves, an independent book shop in Nottingham, tucked away up a little side alley.

I’ve been reading a supplement written by robots. They’re coming. It’s serving as inspiration for a piece I’m working on (futuristic with an acute focus on the interplay between technology and humanity).

Thanks for reading – see you next week!


2 thoughts on “8: The Last Couple of Weeks

  1. StAug says:

    Re: the robotic content-generator: it’s actually quite instructive. “AI” doesn’t think and therefore can’t make advanced aesthetic choices, it can only work by combining pre-programmed and very familiar soundbites, tropes and memes (aka clichés)… what it produces is an object lesson in how a Writer *should not write*… a perfect demonstration of what a Writer’s work should be *better* than. The cautionary tale here being that, nevertheless, this is what content often looks, feels and sounds like, even when actual humans produce it.

    Which reminds me of one of the subtler messages built into Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. While film buffs were marveling at how astonishingly human the computer, HAL, seemed, they were generally missing the point about how terribly robotic the human crew of the ship had become!

    We really have to avoid becoming robotic Writers…


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