6: What’s in my bag – Writer’s Life 

I always have too much in my bag. It’s like I can’t help it. Sometimes I tip everything out and try and edit the contents but gradually, the little things I took out find their way back in. I swear they have a life of their own. Sometimes I even try and use a smaller bag but then I spend a day frustrated as everything I need/want is at home.

Anyway. Today I thought I would do a post on what’s in my bag – writer’s edition.

Here’s my bag. Plain, simple, black. It goes with everything. It fits everything I need and more.

  1. Books, books and more books. 

Usually I have at least two books with me. Currently I’m reading The Vegetarian and as I’m very nearly finished i’m carrying around Invisible Planets (which I’m so excited to get stuck into). I also thought I’d snap my two beautiful bookmarks.

2. Notepad(s)

At the moment I’m also carrying around two notepads (obsession, check out my previous post) for exactly the same reason as above. I’ve very nearly finished my notepad and I will cry one hundred thousand tears if I have an idea and no where to write it. I mean I will find away, post it notes, tissue, my hand. But I’d much rather it be my notepad so I don’t lose it. My second notepad is a lot more conspicuous than my first. I bought the one above because I thought it was funny but quickly realised I had to be careful when i pulled it out of my bag.

3. Pens

Obviously. I mean, it’s a bit stupid that I even include it. They’re not even special or anything. Perhaps some people use pencils so I guess it’s good for everyone reading to know that I use pens. Here they are. Why I carry multiple of everything I’ll never know so don’t ask.

4. Keyboard

If I’m working on a big project or something with a deadline or even something im paticular inspire by I like to carry this around. For the simple reason that I can type so much faster than I can write by hand. I carried this around when i was travelling and it was so handy. I just typed into Jotterpad or an email on my phone.

**imagine a very simple black keyboard with no wires. I couldnt upload the photo**

5. Headphones and Music

These headphones changed my life! Wireless! I can move around! I don’t get tangled! They’re basically amazing.  I like to listen to music when I’m writing, usually music without words otherwise I get distracted. At the moment I’m listening to a lot of UK Jazz and classical music of all kinds. Any recommendations pop them below.

6. Tea and Snacks

Yup. I carry porridge. Never know when you might need an emergency bowl of porridge and yup… Tea bags. Who would I be if I didn’t carry tea? I made that up but it works.

7. Writing Maps

These are awesome. I carry a couple around with me if I ever need a prompt. They’re not just simple or easy ones. They tend to be a little more complex and can really make you think deeply about an aspect of writing. They’re also beautiful. I wrote my own post on writing tips.

I think seven, technically eight, items is about enough. I’m not carrying around anything that unique. The rest of it is pretty much rubbish and junk – phone, hair brush, strepsils, tissue.

Thanks for reading



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