1: Beginnings


My name is Dominique. Welcome to my shiny new blog. Here’s me:


This is post number one. How exciting. I suppose you have a few questions?

Who Are You?

Well, as I said above my name is Dominique. I live in Nottingham and though I work full time in Legal (cliché incoming) my hope is to achieve some kind of success (whatever that looks like) from writing.

Why Have You Started This Blog?

I’ve started this blog for a few reasons.

  1. I think I have outgrown my last one (found here: http://www.myotherloves.wordpress.com).
  2. I wanted a space to document and share my writing journey. From attending courses to sharing snippets of my work.
  3. I also wanted a space to share my creative endeavours. I know my blog domain is dominiquethewriter and, predominantly I am, but I also like to create things and I LOVE art so occasionally you might see a post about an exhibition or a painting or an artist.
  4. I really have high hopes for this year, I’m already booked onto three events including a Writer’s Conference, and I want to use this blog to document everything but also as a tool to push me forward.

What Have You Got To Offer Me?

Hopefully an insight into my journey (cheese incoming) towards writing success, motivation if you are a writer/creator, and maybe even some interesting tidbits and facts.

What Can I Expect? 

You can expect a number of things, I’ll make a non-exhaustive list below (I feel this will evolve and change over time):

  • Flash Fictions/Short Stories/Poems.
  • Book reviews.
  • Images and explanations of things I’ve made.
  • Posts on projects I’m working on.
  • Travel posts – love travelling

Some great questions, thanks. I hope I’ve answered them interestingly enough as to pique your interest to the extent that you might tune in next week.




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